Under the Big Top

Last weekend my children, son and daughter who are local, took me on an outing with the five grands who live here. So, after mass I drove up to Cutler Bay to my daughter’s home as I would ride with them.

First stop was Devon’s Seafood and Steak in Kendall for their Sunday brunch. We chose to sit out on the patio so ten of us, five children ages 11, 6, two at 4 and two-year-old and five adults were seated at a long table on the water.

Some might say that the brunch there is expensive at $32 a person however, it is well worth it. Oh my… the food. Everything from prime rib, oysters, shrimp to waffles and omelets. Desserts galore and salads to satisfy all. Even on the KETO diet, I could eat well, and I did.

I must say, not because they are my grands, but because my son and his wife and daughter and her husband have truly taught their children how to behave in public. The children knew that they sit at the table until everyone is finished. There is no running around the restaurant or getting in the way of servers as they sit and behave. Alex, the oldest at 11, often would escort the younger ones for a fresh plate of food but never do they run or get unruly. I was proud to be sitting with them.

Where did we go next?

We walked over the “Lover’s Bridge” with the love locks, an interesting sight, and onto the other side where we saw it. There it stood…red and white, beckoning our entrance. This was the big top. The Venardos Circus. Yes, my children were taking their Mommy to the circus. Well, after all, their Mommy had taken them to the circus many times and they say that as we age, we revert back to our childhood so…oh my…I can see Pampers coming! Lost in thought here but onto the circus!

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” Sorry Dorothy, but because of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), there are no lions or tigers or bears anymore at the circus. No ponies and no elephants either which to me, sorry PETA, is kind of disappointing.

Now we have, jugglers and clowns and gymnasts galore!

The show started with the ringmaster and founder, Kevin Venardos, once the youngest ringmaster with Ringling Brothers, Barnum Bailey Circus, greeting everyone in song that reminded me of the old musicals, Oklahoma, State Fair or Carousel. His beautiful voice left me wanting more, but in that song, he had a story to tell…a true story.

With just 15 people who do everything from selling popcorn to swinging in the sky, Kevin put together acts to entertain young and old from all over the world. Cuba, Romania, California and more.

Our grands were entertained as well as the adults. Prior to the show and during intermission, the little ones were taken to the center ring where they learned how to swirl scarfs for magic tricks and grandson, Miles, was designated as the flea catcher when it was shot out of a canon during the pre-show. The show was a good 2 hours with an intermission in between and truly was good family entertainment. Venardos ended the show in song and then with a talk about never giving up on your dreams and how working together allows you to accomplish so much. Maybe a bit over the heads of the younger grands but Alex and the adults heard the message loud and clear.

The only negative I found with the circus was the fact that instead of folding chairs, bleachers were needed so the little ones didn’t have to stand to see but I guess when you are building a circus from the ground up, bleachers will eventually come. Another personal positive of the day…I was able to climb into the rear seat of my daughter’s van and sit snuggling with my grandson, Alex. On previous trips, I was too large to climb to the rear. Yeah…may seem small to you but a special moment for me.

Yes, my Sunday was spent under the big top packed with families and children who applauded and oohed and awed. It was a great way to spend a Sunday…. under the big top!