The Christmas Spirit is Alive!

So many in today’s world are rushing through the Christmas season with their eyes closed. Oh, they see the hustle and bustle and commercialism of Christmas…they must go to this store for this sale to find this gift then on to the next. It started months ago.

Notice I didn’t say, “the holiday season.” Sorry if I offend anyone or am not “politically correct” but get it right! It is the CHRISTMAS SEASON! It always was and always will be. Let the other holidays have their own time whatever the belief! (OK. I’ll climb down from my soap box now.)

This past week I was told of people who keep the true spirit of Christmas alive and expect nothing in return. Our daughter-in-law who lives in Plantation shared one such story.

Some neighbors of theirs whom they don’t know well and who do not have children decorated their yard beautifully for the Christmas season, including a special mailbox for letters to Santa. Thinking it looked legit, our son and daughter-in-law told their children, Miles and Violet, that it was one of Santa’s that goes straight to the North Pole. So, they wrote him a letter with the help of Mommy and Daddy’s writing and dropped it in on Saturday. (After all, Miles is only 3 and Violet is going to be 2 next month and have not learned to write). The next evening, the children wanted to check to make sure their letter was sent. When they opened the mailbox, they found the letter below with two small wrapped gifts in its place.

Well, the gesture from these neighbors brought tears to the family’s eyes. What a beautiful thing. The children could not believe their eyes as they recognized their names on the packages. These neighbors did not have to do it yet they took a step beyond to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

As our daughter-in-law stated, “The magic of Christmas is alive and well and their efforts to share it with our kids brought tears to my eyes.”

Here at the South Dade News Leader, we hope and pray that you and your family will be touched by the true Christmas spirit and have a wonderful Christmas season. MERRY CHRISTMAS!