So Moved

I’m so moved! Literally and physically! The day after Thanksgiving was Black Friday but there was no shopping to be done as friends and family came and helped us finish packing up our home west of Florida City for the big move.

We have purchased a home in Land O Lakes, Florida and sold our home. We have until December 7th to be out but this past Monday the rented UHaul truck and our truck pulling a trailer, all loaded to the top, pulled out to head northwest.

Now the fun part is that I was in that truck to travel up and I have never seen the home we purchased! Talk about trusting Mr. Wonderful! Anyway, we pulled in at night so I really could not see much.

“Did I like the house?” is what everyone is asking.

At first I was critical of several things. The bedrooms are small. Lightbulbs missing. Kitchen needs to be redone. The closets, although numerous, are smaller. Fireplace mantel is not big enough. As I unpacked boxes today, I realized that I still had my “big house” mentality and had to shift gears. That is when my attitude changed and my eyes opened.

I do like the house and the more I put things into place, the clearer my vision becomes and I realize that this will be our final home and it will be wonderful. I now can see a smaller place to clean. The deer out front and all around. The canal in the back which is peaceful. A smaller...slower pace. I am embracing this.

Tuesday we had a few college students come and help us unload. Because we plan to have the carpeting in the bedrooms ripped out and wood floors installed, boxes and furniture were loaded into the living area. And did we have boxes! Never having seen the home, I did not know what would fit and what wouldn’t.

We have downsized from a huge 4/2 with two - 2 car garages, living room, family room, dining room, office/laundry room into a 3/2 with a great room and a small two car garage.

So here I sit on Tuesday evening writing my column. Also sitting are several pieces of furniture that I have decided to sell as it is just too much. Tomorrow my good friend who used to live in Homestead and now lives in Brandon, close by, will come and help me unpack.

Wait...I am not leaving Homestead for good just yet. I promised my wonderful boss at the law office I manage, that I would work until October 31st of next year. We will travel back and forth while staying with a friend from church in Homestead who has graciously offered for us to move in with her. Still in Homestead.

It has been and interesting and exhausting month to say the least. We closed on the sale of our home on one day and closed on the purchase of the new home the next day. Exciting and stressful.

I have decided that I never want to move again. I am tired. This is it but you still have me until next October. So moved!