Redland Community Council Prevails

Despite 138 objectors and a Community Council that favors developers instead of giving respect to neighbors, was the outcome of last Thursday's Redland Community Council 14's zoning meeting. Residents of the Biscayne -288 St --McMinn --172 Ave area, were hoping for a favorable zoning decision of the Redland Council, but for a losing disappointment and the 7 to 8 times this application has come to this council and the BCC (Board of County Commission) this is an injustice to the citizens of this community.

Is our government fair, those elected and those who are appointed, to the

residents who live in a trended area without wall to wall concrete, asphalt, & automobiles? Are we going to pave over every inch of farm land inside and

outside the development boundaries to make way for the 30 thousand people

coming here?

Greed must stop in its tracks.

Out of area developers are buying up every piece of land, small and large, to fill their pockets, without respect to the people living in already "trended areas." With the help of County Planners, Lobbists, CDMP text changes, Community Councils, BCC Appeals they seem to prevail.