Letter to the Editor

l am writing you because I just wanted you to know how great an experience it was for me to read your paper. My wife and I moved to Homestead, on August 24th of this year, and I go to the Royal Palm Drug Store Café, most every day to have a breakfast, and read the paper. The paper I am referring to is the Miami Herald, which 95% of the paper is not worth reading, but at least something to read, when eating my breakfast. The paper didn't come Dec 10th, so I saw the News Leader paper on the counter at Royal Palm Drug, so I picked one up.

What a nice, refreshing read, your paper is! I'm blown away! So many nice

stories, even starting with the front page article about the United States Air Force married couple and their son, who were just transferred to Homestead reserve Base, the nice article about John DeMott, one of the columnist's articles about child safety, another columnist's article, "Miseducated or Stupid", "Fathers Column", "Popping Prayers Like Candy", then, "How To Re-Kindle the Romance in Your Marriage". piece, was fabulous! Your entire paper is a job well done.

The News Leader should be very proud of the weekly paper you print. There is so much good stuff going on all around us, every day, that people really love to hear about! Thank God, you guys figured it out!! THANK YOU.

I look forward to reading your next paper, which I believe prints out each Friday, so I will be there at the Royal Palm Drug Café, to for once again, enjoy what I am reading during my breakfast.

May God Bless all of you at the News Leader, and Merry Christmas!

Chris Stone, Homestead, FL