Letter to the Editor - I salute the Coast Guard, ICE, and others for their dedication and determination

To the Newsleader,

To separate a complaint from the overall may not diminish the accuracy of the

grievance, but it can obscure the larger picture.

The partial Government shutdown impacted about eight hundred thousand vigorous government workers. When we consider that many of them were, and are, in the service of protecting us, such as the Coast Guard, ICE and others, we feel the double quandary they endure in protecting our overall nation. Some of those who protect others end up paying a double sacrifice. They didn’t lose their pay, and their wages were postponed, but the pinch is there.

While politicians bicker fueled by their self-motives, we observe the efficiency of a grateful nation that jumps in to personally support those in their temporary and great inconvenience created by the shutdown. However, during the same time this episode was taking place, an additional ten thousand people plus (the ones that we know of) walk across the border not in a legal way. Of those, a large number will take a job away from our citizens who will then go hungry, a good percentage will live out of welfare benefits. A substantial number (more than estimated) do come with the specific intent of infiltrating the illegal drug trade in existence, create new ones,

promote damaging illegal trade and havoc, including eliminating members of decent families, and causing other deaths from escalating overdose of drugs and murders by the thousands. There is at least another 10% plus that we know of who either never made it here, or were slipped in under the radar to feed the succulent and corrupt sex and slave trade for the rest of their short lives. Regrettably, there is plenty of lucrative revenue from it in this great nation of ours.

And what is more cruel and inhumane than all of the above, is unknown, but probably one out of three children who start will not make it alive, for their

bodies get cut in parts and sold in the black market for body parts and for organs to a supper lucrative and thirsty worldwide demand for organ transplants from medical research centers, universities, hospitals, clinics, etc. This figure will be in the thousands. Customs and Border Protection apprehended only 6,400 unaccompanied children last May. The usual backlog for some types of organ recipients has disappeared. Unfortunately, the news media does not seem to pursue and reveal this despicable byproduct of the caravans and the illegal trespassing across our borders.

Corporate and Professional business entities need to help the Government contain the abominable illegal commerce and crossing since our political will is lacking, and protect lawful honest citizens, their families and their enterprises, as well as foreign innocents.

I salute the Coast Guard, ICE, and others for their dedication and determination. They do not complain because they know, and they have my admiration.