Putting a Roof Over their Heads

   Almost everyone in the Florida Keys has awful memories about Hurricane Irma.  For Alnier and Oladis Mendez and their three children of Marathon, the storm destroyed much of their mobile home.  Thanks to the Rotary Club of Homestead success at raising funds with the Seminole Theatre at the recent John Popper Concert, money was available to help.

   Oladis and her son attended the Rotary luncheon on January 3rd.  Alnier Jr. led the members in their usual Pledge to the Flag of this Great Nation.  This was followed by a powerful singing of “God Bless America”.  Then came the presentation of a $5,000 check.

   Odalis works in the front office Stanley Switlik Elementary School.  Assistant Principal Christina Rodriguez and music teacher Jack Louden brought the plight of the Mendez family to the attention of the Rotary Club’s President Steve DeGraves.  “I’m so grateful for the $5,000 from the Rotary Club,” Ms. Mendez said.  “Now we can get a new roof on our home.  We had two feet of water in our house and lots of other damage.”

  Note:  Help is still needed.  According to Superintendent of Schools for Monroe County, Mark Porter, an additional 320 students became homeless after the storm.  Of that number 78 attended Stanley Switlik Elementary.