Owner Joins Exotic Animals Behind Bars

   Earlier this week a heartbreaking theft of exotic animals was reported from the ‘We Care’ Wildlife Sanctuary in South Dade.

   Concerned animal lovers and the devoted staff were practically in tears as the fate of the missing animals remained a mystery. Who could do such a crime and for what reason? Where were these precious creatures?

   In a twist of circumstances, Josue Santiago, one of the owners of ‘We Care’ Wildlife Sanctuary wound up behind bars like the missing animals of the facility. Seems Santiago staged a fake theft of his exotic animals to thwart an ongoing investigation by Wildlife Authorities that was leading to the confiscation of his animals thus closing down his facility.

   Claiming $50,000 worth of “rescued” livestock was taken after a mysterious post on facebook, authorities discovered that most of the animals were moved to North Carolinas where they remain in safe condition. Now, Santiago is charged with filing a false police report with other possible charges to follow.

   As a victim of an animal theft last year, when Dots and Speedy, my 2 tortoises were stolen, I hope Wildlife Authorities and the police search the records of the We Care facility to find out the origin of the animals in inventory…maybe there is another chapter in this bizarre tale.