How the intersections on Krome Ave will be effected by widening project

Construction of Krome Avenue’s final segment to a four-lane highway will soon begin.

The final section of the widening project from SW 232th Street/Silver Palm Drive to SW 296th Street/Avocado Drive will break ground November of 2019.

A Florida Department of Transportation spokesman said the project will last for 1000 days, finishing during the summer of 2022.

FDOT estimates the cost of this section of roadway at $34.387 million. It includes replacement of a canal bridge over the C-103 Canal at 280th Street/Waldin Drive.

Six major intersections are to have traffic lights, left turn lanes on both north and south approaches, and curb pavements allowing tractor trailer


Those intersections are SW 232nd/Silver Palm Drive, SW 248th/Coconut Palm Drive, SW 264th/Bauer Drive, SW 272nd/Epmore Road, SW 288th/Biscayne Drive, and SW 296th/Avocado Drive. 

FDOT project sheets also include “modifying access to various entrances to enhance safety along the corridor”.

Generally, this means level pavements at existing businesses along Krome Avenue to allow highway access, either southbound (if on the west) or northbound (if on the east).

Design plans include seven additions to the list of improved intersection. No traffic signals are planned for these crossroad additions.

A turning lane at SW 245th Street just south of the Redland Country Club will allow southbound 

raffic to turn left. Cars exiting SW 245th Street will be permitted to turn left onto southbound Krome Avenue.

At SW 256th Street/Plummer Drive, turns will be permitted both to the north and south from both east and west access, and will allow thru traffic across Krome Avenue.

Only northbound traffic will have a left turn lane from Krome at SW 268th/Moody Drive.

At SW 278th Street, left turns will be permitted only from the southbound Krome lane.

The design plan allows a northbound left turn at SW 280/Waldin Drive and full access to Krome from the east and west. This construction will be immediately south of the new four-lane Krome Avenue bridge over the Mowry (C-103) Canal.

At SW 282nd Street just below Waldin Drive only northbound left turns will be allowed.

Finally, at SW 292nd Street, there will be left turn lanes from both northbound and southbound directions, but thru traffic east or west across Krome will not be permitted.

FDOT considers the other major local project - widening Campbell Drive from Krome Avenue to US1 with further improvements down to Palm Drive – to be the final fix for Krome Avenue.

This Truck Bypass route breaks ground in September 2019. It is expected to be finished in twenty months, or early summer of 2021.

At its February 12 committee of the whole meeting, Homestead City Council approved a maintenance agreement with FDOT in preparation for the Truck Bypass construction.

Most of this project is within Homestead city limits, requiring FDOT to have a contract to work on City-owned streets.

The “off-system” construction agreement permits FDOT to relocate landscaping elsewhere in the city and to relocate the city sewer lift station on the corner of US 1 and Campbell Drive. The state plans to absorb the costs of that relocation and the lift station reconstruction.