Florida City Elementary’s art-inspired transformation

Florida City Elementary School surprised their students returning from holiday break, as they unveiled a school beautification project on Monday, January 7, sponsored by LIFEWTR, the premium bottled water company.

LIFEWTR has an ongoing commitment to furthering arts in education and creating an inspirational environment for learning. As part of LIFEWTR’s ongoing collaboration with Scholastic, the global children’s publishing,

education and media company, to support arts education by creating educational materials for students and teachers, a grant will be awarded to Florida City Elementary School. This grant will assist the school in implementing robust arts education programming throughout the coming year.

Across the country, nearly 80 percent of schools face funding cuts, with art often the first subject to go, LIFEWTR has long marked a commitment to championing arts in education. As part of its fourth design series, unveiled in January 2018, LIFEWTR honed in on this issue by showcasing the works of three young artists who demonstrated the far-reaching impact and positive influence that arts education programs had on their lives. 

“We are thrilled to be a part of this project alongside LIFEWTR, as we have long recognized that providing students with engaged learning across science, math and art is imperative to ensure they have the skillset needed to address the next generation of problem solving,” said Rachelle Surrancy, principal of Florida City Elementary. “I am confident that having students inspired and engaged through art will create an even more productive learning environment, and we’re so thankful to LIFEWTR for bringing this inspiration to our school.”

LIFEWTR partnered with four emerging artists - three of whom are local to Miami - to transform Florida City Elementary and fill it with inspirational artwork. In just four days, each artist made their mark on the exterior walls of the school, culminating with four murals which inspire creativity through their own artistic styles.

- Contemporary artist Jessy Nite found inspiration in a childhood craft, painting a kaleidoscope with colorful shapes and jewels.

- Known for her use of vibrant colors, Courtney Einhorn drew inspiration from the belief that education provides the essential building blocks to go out into the world, creating a mural of colorful building blocks to help inspire and boost moods.

- Miami-born and internationally acclaimed artist Alexander Mijare, sought to create a vibrant mural that would bring joy and happiness to kids no matter what was going on in their lives at home or in school, inspiring them to think positive and continue on a path of happiness.

- Washington DC-based visual artist Adrienne Gaither, who was part of LIFEWTR’s Women in Art Series, found inspiration in life’s inevitable roadblocks, creating a piece of work to reflect the highs and lows of life while admiring the beauty and balance of having space to figure things out.