Countdown to the Best of 2017

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Daniella Levine-Cava highlights the best achievements in South Dade for 2017.

10. We drew new

visitors to our dynamic area attractions thanks to our exciting new marketing campaign, “South Dade: More to Explore”.

9. We created a unified economic development strategy to grow business investment during our 3rd Annual South Dade Solutions Summit.

8. We made it easier to report County government fraud, waste and abuse by training over 20,000

employees on our new “Employee Protection Ordinance”, and expanding legislation to include vendors who do business with the County.


7. We invested in South Dade parks launching a new recreation center, basketball courts, exercise paths; held groundbreakings on several new parks; and secured more than $1 million to clean up pollution at Devon Aire Park.

6. We produced a Hurricane Irma Post Action Report that has helped to pave the way to improved disaster preparedness and response and was mentioned by the Miami Herald in an editorial as one of the positive outcomes for the year.

5. We improved safety and reduced crime by hiring more police officers to protect our neighborhoods and our agricultural areas.

4. We awarded $100,000 in competitive grants to nonprofit organizations serving South Dade and grants of up to $6,000 each to 49 local businesses to support growth and “green” practices.

 3. We led efforts to reject critical transit service cuts, restoring Metrorail service in the final county budget.

2. We improved traffic and reduced commute times on US 1 with the roll-out of automated “smart signal” traffic control technology, after successfully advocating for ours to be the first implementation corridor.

1. We established the North-South Dade corridor as the #1 priority in the SMART (six corridor) transit improvement plan and continued pushing to accelerate the development of rapid transit

service for South Dade.