Celebrate at the MLK Parade in Florida City

   Remember this date, Saturday, January 13th.  That the date for this year’s South Dade Martin Luther King Parade takes to the streets of Florida City on  Saturday, January 13th, not Monday.  The reason is to avoid conflicting with the large celebration taking place in Miami on the actual day of the holiday.

  The local parade started in Homestead about 35 years ago when young Jeff Brown asked his dad why they had to travel to downtown Miami to celebrate.  The idea sparked with the senior Brown, who initiated the local celebration, long before MLK Day was declared a federal holiday.  The rest is history as Jeff, along with his brothers and sisters, have kept the festivities going long after their father’s passing.  And they want to thank the cities of Florida City and Homestead for their support.. 

  All are invited as the parade begins at high noon, 1125 SW 4th Street. It proceeds to Loren Roberts Park for an afternoon of rededications, festivities, entertainment and great food.  Many thanks to the Brown Family for their dedication to this wonderful local tradition, and well deserved celebration..