A Berry Happy Visit

    Three years ago, on an autumn afternoon, I was driving through the Redlands remembering that I had seen a huge milkshake as a mailbox.  As a first-year teacher at Neva King Cooper, I wanted to reach out to the community and have members of the community be a part of our students.  I decided to stop at the farm and give it a shot.  I was greeted by an employee who called Mr. Phil to meet me.

  After giving background information on our school and special needs students, I nervously said that I would love to bring my students to visit your pumpkin patch.  Without hesitation Phil replied, “Sure, what days do you want to come?”  I was so delighted!  I couldn’t believe the first community member I reached out to was so accepting. This was in 2015 and Neva King Cooper has been visiting Phil’s Berry Farm ever since.  Our students have such an amazing time from interacting with the animals, enjoying the delicious treats and milkshakes and of course taking pictures in the pumpkin patch.

  Phil and his staff has been extremely welcoming to our students and their abilities, greeting us with a smile, eager to assist our staff and students from taking pictures to guiding them to the “Red Barn.”  We have a blast at Phil’s Berry Farm and we look forward to our visits.  Mr. Phil has given the staff tours around the farm and has shown an interest in the transition program of our Project Victory students.  These students work on making handmade soaps, bath bombs, along with other crafts.  years collaborating and growing alongside one another.

A note from Phil:   I encourage everyone in the South Dade area to check out the Neva King Cooper program.  We live in a wonderful community.  Most of us are blessed with good health and food on the table but many others are not so fortunate.  There are many fine organizations rendering services to those in need.  Give back to our community by assisting with time, donations or funding.  The reward you receive will far exceed your efforts.